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Ourani is a free 2D chat world, set on an alien planet, with customizable avatars and rooms to explore. Meet new friends in our all-ages, imaginative and artistic community- Come discover Ourani!

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Easter Baskets!

Happy Easter everyone!! To celebrate the holiday, we've put together a little event for you :D

There are four easter baskets filled with goodies. Until midnight (EST, -5) on 4/20, you will be able to purchase these baskets for half the price. The next day, the prices will return to normal and you will be able to see what each basket is carrying (:

Don't worry if you don't have any money - one of the baskets is a freebie!

To find out how to claim the freebie basket, and how to purchase the others, check out this thread for more information!


Demo Domain Name

The new demo has a domain name now - you can now access the demo for Ourani 2.0 at http://ouranichat.tk :)

We're thrilled to see the preview for this new platform taking off, and we hope you stick around with us for the many exciting things we have in store!


Staff Applications Open

We think it's just about time to freshen things up a bit and get some new faces around the Ourani staff team! (: Please follow this link if you would like to apply for staff here at Ourani.

Thanks, and thanks for applying!


Our Big News!

So I just got home from vacation, and I am excited and very pleased to drop some big news! n_n

Thanks to the talented Ventisia/Kris, we have successfully launched a demo of Ourani's new platform. That's right; we are moving off of the Chatlands platform! This is very exciting for all of us, and I want to thank everyone - the users, my administration team, and especially Kris himself.

Ourani has come a long way on Chatlands, but branching out to create our own client is a huge step in the site's development. It allows us access to more features, customization, and more fun.

Please keep in mind that this is simply a test dummy for the final, completed platform. The final version may not even be remotely similar. We are taking critique, and would love if you would fill out our critique survey (which can be found at this link, in the Lobby, or in the Help Menu), or post on the forum with your thoughts.

The demo does not have a way to upload poses or log in, but you are able to change avatars using image URLs. You are also allowed to change nicknames every five minutes. The demo also features a lobby (in which you can receive PMs), a few of Ourani's rooms, and a few preset avatars. If you ever need help, just PM one of the admins or toggle the "Help" menu at the top right.

Again, I am extremely thrilled to announce this and I am equally as thankful to the users, staff, and Kris - the one who has coded this. (:

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!


Migration finished

Our server migration is finished and our forums are back up and running - thanks to everyone for being patient!

We expect to drop our big news around the first week of April. Stay tuned!

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