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Q1. What are poses and rooms?
Q2. Where can I get poses and rooms?
Q3. What are art permissions?
Q4. What is considered inappropriate?
Q5. What file types can I use?
Q6. Can my poses have backgrounds?
Q7. What is pose mirroring?
Q8. What are loose pixels?
Q9. How big can my poses be?
Q10. What are your aesthetic standards?
Q11. Does my pose have to have an outline?
Q12. Can my pose have props?
Q13. What’s allowed in my room background?

Q: What are poses and rooms?
Poses, also known as avatars, are the image that is used to represent you in the chat. Users with subscriptions may upload their own poses.

Q: Where can I get poses and rooms?
Poses and rooms can both be bought as premades, custom work, obtained through art trades, or through free galleries. Visit our forum for an artist market and a trading bazaar. As far as free goes, Poselove is a great resource for request freebies and also has an archive of freebies.

Q: What are art permissions?
You must have permission from the original artist of a piece of art in order to use it on Ourani. This goes for any artwork that you use on the chat or forum. You must link proof of permission when uploading artwork.

Q: What is considered inappropriate?
Nudity, overly provocative positions, and excessive gore is not allowed.

Q: What file types can I use?
You may only upload poses that have the .gif or .png extensions. We also allowed animated poses. Rooms may also use these but also allowed .jpg as well.

Q: Can my poses have backgrounds?
No. Poses cannot have backgrounds. Outside of the subject of the pose, the pose must be transparent. For example, here is an unacceptable pose with a background:

Q: What is pose mirroring?
Poses must be mirrored. This means that they have to have a left and right facing version, which ensures that you are able to face different directions in chat. For example:

Q: What are loose pixels?
Loose pixels are pixels that are outline the lineart or base image of the pose. They are often miscoloured. These cannot be present on poses in order for the poses to be accepted. For example:

Q: How big can my poses be?
Ourani uses Wolfhome’s sizing standards so that everything is consistent and those who migrate here from Wolfhome do not have to change their artwork. Ourani will eventually have its own size chart with species relevant to it. Poses can be smaller than the examples so long as they are bigger than 25x25px.
Here are Wolfhome’s standards:
Feral Standards
Anthro Standards
Multiple Species Standards

Q: What are your aesthetic standards?
We don’t have very strict aesthetic standards, but we do require that your poses be coloured in a tidy way. We also require poses to not be blurry. Here is an example of a pose that is too blurry compared to its acceptable counterpart:

Q: Does my pose have to have an outline?
Poses don’t have to have an outlined, but cannot be flatcoloured if they do not have one. Poses that do have outlines must follow specific standards. For example:
Acceptable Outlines

Unacceptable Outlines

Q: Can my pose have props?
Poses can have props, such as mounts, items, and pets as long as they are not too large and become the focal point of the pose.

Q: What’s allowed in my room background?
You can have anything in your room background as long as it does not break our guidelines.