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Gain Access

Because Ourani is a 16+ chat, the Team would like to ensure that everyone who joins is of age.  We do this by requiring that prospective members request an invitation to join Ourani.  If you wish to join the Ourani community, please fill out the form below.  You will receive a reply back when your request has been processed (within the day), and if you are accepted, you will be placed on the invite list.

Please note that this is applicable to both the forum and chat, and that you will not be granted access to the forum unless you use the same e-mail there as you have here.

If you have alternate accounts you would also like to have access to Ourani with, please fill out this form again or contact a Team Member.

Please note that you must already have an account on Chatlands to receive access.
The e-mail that is active on the chat and forum account you are applying for.