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Ourani’s goal is to maintain an uplifting, fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.  Because of this, we have established a few simple guidelines for you to follow.  Please make sure to read over our guidelines before participating in both our chat and forum.  You agree to these guidelines when you sign up.

Our guidelines are designed to put an emphasis on leniency.  We ask that as mature users you take it upon yourselves to mediate smaller issues instead of getting an Ourani Team Member involved in the situation.  This can be done by cordially addressing the problem with the parties involved, or taking a more evasive stance by putting the user on ignore.  You can do this by typing “!ignore USERNAME”, clicking on the user and pressing ignore, or by viewing your ignore list from the menu on the left of the map.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our guidelines and also participating in Ourani.  It wouldn’t be what it is without you!  If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Team or post on the forum.

Ourani does not have a ban ladder.  Each time a user breaks a guideline and it is brought to our attention, we will look at it on a case-by-case basis and decide the necessary action, unless otherwise stated.

Age Restriction

Ourani is only to be used by those who are 16 years of age or older.  This is due to the level of content that is allowed on Ourani.  It also allows us for more leniency elsewhere.
If you are under the age of 16, you will be banned.  You may appeal your ban when you turn 16.

Harassment & Disruptions

  Intentionally harassing users for any reason is not allowed.  This includes harassing Ourani Team Members about processing poses or other Administrative duties.
  Trolling, or the act of joining Ourani for the sole purpose of disturbing the peace, is considered a heightened form of disrupting the peace.


  Any death, rape, suicide/self-harm, or other threat that is considered to be portrayed in a serious manner will be handled diligently.  Ourani is meant to be a place where users can enjoy themselves and feel safe; a user should not have to cautiously navigate Ourani in fear of being threatened.

False Reports

  Lying about situations in order to get someone in trouble will result in serious action taken against your account.  Administrators have the ability to do log checks (only when absolutely necessary), so the Team is able to verify if someone has falsely reported another user.

b.  Do not get false reporting confused with misunderstanding the rules; if you report a user and it is because you are confused about the rules, clarification will be given to you.  Please learn from these mistakes, though, and review the rules again before reporting another situation.

Inappropriate URLs

  Linking to unfiltered porn will result in a permanent ban.  Please note that the system automatically bans for shock site URLs and other related URLs, even if it is said in PM.  The Ourani Team does not have control over this.
  Linking to harmful software, viruses, or other content that in some way affects the user’s computer will result in a ban.
  Linking to pirated or otherwise illegal software is not allowed.


  Adults who proposition minors to participate in any illegal or sexual act is met with a permanent ban across all Chatlands websites.
  Likewise, minors who proposition adults into participating in illegal activities will face a permanent ban across all Chatlands websites.

Art Theft

  As an art community, Ourani will never tolerate any level of art theft.  Falsely claiming to have created any piece of artwork or other media will result in an immediate ban depending on how serious it is.
  Art theft also extends to using artwork that you have not paid for.

Last Updated:  09/13/2017