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Join the Team

Ourani allows all its members to apply for a chance to become a part of its Team. The Team is split into subteams: the Chat Team, Forum Team, Events Team, and Art Team.

The Chat Team is responsible for the supervision of the chat and taking care of rule infractions there. They are the go-to for all chat reports. The Chat Team is separated into four ranks, which are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Admin Assistant (training rank). This is a hierarchical chain of command based on experience and trust. Alphas have access to more functions and information than the rest with Betas, Gammas, and AAs following this.

The Forum Team is responsible for the supervision of the forum and taking care of rule infractions there. They are the go-to for all forum reports. Along with this, they are in charge of tidying up the forum if it gets cluttered and moving topics for users per request. They review user registration and accounts.

The Art Team is responsible for reviewing the artwork uploaded to the website. They are the ones who see the poses and rooms that you upload. Using their best judgement based on Ourani’s artwork standards, they review each piece and either accept or reject it for use. Along with this, they handle all art theft cases.

The Events Team is responsible for planning and coordinating Ourani’s events. It is a community-building team that focuses on keeping the community happy and engaged.

Things to keep in mind when you apply:
While we accept applications at all times, we have specific times in which we pull applicants for further interview and promotion. These times may be announced but may also not be announced.
Like on the site, you must be 16 in order to become a part of either Team.
You may only apply to one Team at a time. If you apply for multiple we will consider the earliest application first, unless we are in need of Team members for another Team for which you have applied.
False information on your application will result in your application being removed from the pool.
If you have been banned on another Chatlands website, don’t worry – Ourani is intended to be a clean slate for its members; however, we will take into consideration bans that involve serious matters.
Ourani does not tolerate the abuse of the hierarchical system it uses for ranks. Everyone on the Team has the same voice, pull, and consideration. Along with this, members of Ourani are not to be looked down upon. There should be no gap between members and the Team. If you are thinking of applying to Ourani for the permissions and privileges that come with the position, do not.